Tessiltoschi and the environment

Throughout the years Tessiltoschi has shown great attention to the environment resulting from a broad tradition on health awareness. The option of a healthy work environment to help build a more friendly future with the nature, has led the company to make significant choices at a very high financial cost. These include: the purchase of machinery that includes better safety features higher than the limits imposed by regulations, and above all, safer for the workers’ physical health.

The ban for the use of any kind of chemical solvents, thus using only water-based products during lamination process. The installation of a very modern lamination plant which does not produce fumes or toxic residues. The removal of asbestos from the roofs prior to the advent of legislation which facilitated its disposal. Massive investments have been made to produce clean energy through our photovoltaic system.

  • Year 2008 pilot plant of 20 Kwh
  • Year 2011 second plant of 350 Kwh
  • Year 2013 third plant of 84 Kwh
  • Year 2015 fourth plant of 34 Kwh
  • Total amount of 488 Kwh

Up to this date our total reduction of greenhouse gas emissions was of 1.700 metric tons of CO2 with an average yearly reduction of 400 metric tons.
In regards to the daily office procedures, the use of paper has been replaced mainly by electronic computerized systems. The documents are handled and stored in electronic files and most data flowing with the outside world are transmitted through computerized systems.