Orthoses Fabrics

Velcro velvets

The range of Velcro velvets is characterized by its variety in weight which range from 70 gr/sq mt to 200 gr/sq mt. These guarantee maximum user-friendliness for orthopedic footwear and orthotics.



Cotton, polyester and polyamide, all our liners are perfectly breathable and conform to the shape of the foot for a comfortable fit.


Foam is a breathable material used as a support in lamination process. To guarantee maximum versatility in the processing of the material, we offer a foam that is variable in density and thickness from 0 to 9 mm.

Elastic textiles

With its ability to form itself around a shape, elastic textiles are suitable for orthopedic and orthosis shoe upper footwear, ensuring the correct compression.

Three-dimensional materials

These are suitable for orthopedic and orthosis footwear. The three-dimensional textiles offer high breathability coupled with the best thickness and mechanical properties.