The laboratory is at the heart of Tessiltoschi’s research and development unit. Our aim is to cater to our clients’ every need, supplying high quality certified products for their complete satisfaction. The main tests performed are:


Method to analyze abrasion resistance, in accordance with EN ISO 12947-2 and pilling resistance in accordance with EN ISO 12945-2.

Tear, tensile and delamination

Tear strength tests (UNI EN ISO 13937) Tensile strength (UNI EN ISO 13934) and delamination (UNI EN ISO 12754).

Anti penetration

Specific anti penetration tests for safety shoes.

Flexing test

Protective sole flexing test, in accordance to rule CSA Z 195-14 and ASTM F2413-11.

Flexural strength

Flexural strength, in accordance to rule UNI 4818.

Rubbing durability

Rubbing durability tests.

Spray tests